Wildflower Honey Bio

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Organic Millefiori Honey Honey composed of a great variety of flowers, where the laborious work of the bees flows into a final product with unique characteristics, which brings as a dowry the blooms and biodiversity of the area frequented by bees. Honey with a light color and a delicate taste, rich in minerals and antioxidants that give it antibacterial and soothing properties for the mucous membranes.

100% bio

Format: 300gr


Our Pernigo's Honey

Bees and the hive, a unique organism that breathes and lives in harmony with our organic crops, in the perfect balance of each of its constituent parts. Bees and their relationship with the mineral and vegetable kingdoms, which through their laborious work become a synthesis and gift for Nature itself and for man, who since ancient times has drawn nourishment and care from them. Bees and their honey, sweet nectar that carries the breath of a territory in our hands.

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