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Extra virgin olive oil

How our oil is produced

The olives protagonists of extra virgin olive oil come from an area north east of Verona, the Valpantena, and exactly on the east side of this, at an altitude close to 350 meters.

The cultivation is carried out in the traditional way and the harvest is strictly by hand for a perfectly intact product.

The cultivars are mainly Grignano, Favarol and Leccino.

The production exceeds 30 quintals of oil, which is obtained by mechanical pressing only, through low oxidative impact malaxers, at a controlled temperature of around 23 °. The olives are harvested at the right degree of ripeness and transferred to the mill within 4 hours with the use of windowed boxes, they stop in the olive reception area for the time necessary to reach an adequate temperature and then are immediately processed to find the best product. This is possible, since the company has been equipped for some years with its own oil mill, which allows it to process the product in full autonomy.

"Events never produce happiness, but our attitude towards them"

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The olives, once defoliated and well washed, arrive at the receiving hopper, where an auger feeds the crusher. The pasta produced falls into the vertical type kneader below, where a special helical-shaped stirrer carries out the preparation. The paste is then sent to the decanter where separation takes place: the oil comes out on one side, the water and pomace on the other. The parts in contact with the product are in AISI 304 stainless steel or food-grade material and there are no industrial treatments in the processing.


Immediately after pressing, the product is filtered to remove mucilage and colloidal substances, and through a bottled filler.

In the resting phase, in which the oil is left in the stainless steel tanks, our product is also stored in containers under nitrogen at an optimal temperature.

A quality oil with multiple properties

An oil of the highest quality, has exceptional qualities, a golden yellow color with light green reflections, a fruity aroma with marked notes of freshness and intensity and a slight tingle, a harmonious flavor and a very low acidity.

It is particularly suitable raw to dress salads, soups, meats or for a simple bruschetta.


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