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Andrea Pernigo
Creative Organic Farm

We cultivate and condense essence

We represent an articulated agricultural company located in Verona. We are first of all producers of organic food and medicinal products of high quality and organoleptic profile, with particular attention to biodiversity.

We intend to combine all our agricultural activities under a single overview, and for this reason we believe it is essential to control the entire supply chain, from cultivation to processing, packaging, to get to the promotion and marketing of products. We want to deserve the trust of our customers with a proposal of absolute excellence and we do it with a convinced attention to detail. This is why we define ourselves: "producers of value".

Always ready for research and innovation in processing technologies as well as in management and quality controls. We intend to incorporate an idea of ​​well-being into our products, not to stop at appearance and aesthetics, and we want to do it with a product in harmony with nature, which respects the work of men and culture.

"Each latitude has its treasures.
Some are more precious thanks to the value
the dedication of those who keep them "

― Andrea Pernigo

An organic agriculture grown between pride and respect for a land

This is our farm, strongly rooted in its traditions and always looking towards a future that knows no uncertainties, thanks to an essential choice that marries sustainable development and makes organic a philosophy of life and not just of production.

The work

Work, understood as personal fulfillment: humility, enthusiasm and dedication, respect for people. We care about man and we want to enhance human capital. Balance and Elegance, understood as personality, taste and education.

of land
Hectares reserved
for olive groves

Attention to the environment

Our commitment is to use the best production processes, respectful of the environment, of nature and of man, of times and of extraction and processing techniques.

The value of biodiversity in an agronomic and rural environment is a concept that goes beyond the cultivation method without pesticides and chemical fertilizers, it means respecting, protecting and encouraging a delicate and complex habitat in which spontaneous species are observed and cared for by harmonizing them with cultivated species.


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