Symphony 3 Herbal Tea - Dolce Natura

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Elderberry flowers, Verbena leaves, Rose petals, Lavender flowers, Cornflower flowers. Sweet and delicate herbal tea that combines the fresh taste of verbena with the aromas of elderflower, the acidulous and colorful note of cornflower, the anti-inflammatory action of rose and lavender. An herbal tea for everyone and for all occasions given its versatility, simplicity and originality.

Size: 40gr


Our line of "Sinfonie" herbal teas

A corner of Nature in our hands Relaxing, meditative, digestive or invigorating, herbal tea has always represented a moment of relaxation to share with oneself and with others. From preparation to infusion, where scent and color blend in the warmth of the water, creating that uniqueness of scents that makes its way inside us sip after sip, bringing the story of a deep bond with the earth as a dowry. You too can enter this symphonic and harmonious wave with the herbs and flowers of our organic crops. Directions for use Pour 2/3 teaspoons of herbal tea in half a liter of boiling water and leave to infuse for 5/6 minutes. Filter and sweeten to taste.

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